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Woman is tied and gagged in garage

Woman is tied and gagged in garage

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 jhsthal 13.11.2013, 2:44 Uhr

badlover7 what a delusioned pathetic man you must be if you really belive what you said. All these girls are professionals who do that only for money . You simply CANNOT know what they like and what they don't like. or if they are into bondage after all ... I know plenty of modells who would never ever do anything like that in private, but they do within the controlled setting of a studio, FOR THE MONEY you moron.
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 BadLover7 30.06.2013, 11:40 Uhr

Bondagette girls always pretend they don't want to be gagged but in reality they can't wait to be. Fantastic rack and body on this one, the nipple clamps simply adding to the tittilation. Ball gag is always a bit lazy, I would have used a cloth wad, tight sash then tape over. A buttplug could have been well employed to add to milady's displeasure...
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 brigittesoub 21.06.2012, 20:29 Uhr

To be honnest I never tried this bondage, but would love to do it next time .... I will let you know what I felt in this nice position, and with tits clamped, and bound to my feet :)
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 twenty710 01.03.2012, 12:17 Uhr

Love it! Jj is such a good rigger, her coments are so patronising to the victim it makes it so much better! Love the uncomfortable nipple clamp strapado as well, and then the hogtie at the end, she's going nowhere and she knows it! Just think, after 3 hours how much drool would have accumulated from that ball gag! Love it!
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